The Need and Purpose of Edu-fair

Due to the increasing marketing, craze and tendency of only a few premier institutes
A major chunk (almost 100%) of student community is prone and desperate to get admission in one of these few institutes only.
Only IITs/ IIMs and the like are considered as the ultimate career options.
For many the name of Kota has been synonymous with IIT coaching only.

Is it really so, or is the story all hyped up?

Let’s find out …

Without a doubt such institutions play a vital role in technological, managerial & overall development of and they do promise, prepare and facilitate successful professional and social lives to their students. But today any institute equipped with reasonably good infrastructure, facilities, faculty & repute is quite capable of doing so.

With the changing trend and increasing awareness lots of students are ready to adopt different avenues of career like MBA, BBA, Doctorate, Law, CA/CS, M. Sc., B. Sc., IT, Bio-Tech, MCA, HMCT, Fashion, Multimedia etc. Many Vocational courses are becoming more and more popular.

Education in Kota apart from being successful is a Big business too. Every year, about Rs. 400 crores change hands in coaching fees alone. The city has some teachers who earn as high as Rs. 50 Lakhs per annum. Another Rs. 600 crores are involved in Boarding, Lodging, Food & other living needs and ancillary activities. Overall it’s an industry with annual turnover of Rs. 1000+ crores.

The city is such a major destination for teens studying for the IIT-JEE, AIEEE and Medical Entrance Exams that in the last few years it has become a bit of a boomtown, with bike shops, restaurants and hotels opening up, as well as the launch of the first commercial flights.

All of Kota’s economy does seem to depend on it! Right from Local Groceries to Branded Departmental Stores, Rental-rooms to All-equipped Hostels, Street-side Dhabas to Exquisite Hotels/ Restaurants, Stationery, Tourism, Telecommunications and almost all the business sectors drive their shares on the basis of Education Industry.

Here is a brief list of couple of famous coaching institutes in Kota:
Resonance Eduventures Pvt. Ltd.
Bansal Classes Pvt. Ltd.
Career Point
Allen Career Institute
Daswani Classes Ltd.
Ables (Vision) Education Service
Rao IIT Academy
Motion IIT Academy
Insight IIT Academy
                                … and so on.

The top institutes are so popular that authors of standard books for JEE and even retired professors from IITs have taken to coaching.

All of these counted and all of those uncounted Institutes, be it from Kota or other parts of Rajasthan or India (for that matter), for a long-time have been feeling an implied need of such a juncture where they could also express themselves and grab their justified share of this lucrative market.

There is too little awareness about a big lot of Career Options such as:
Animation, Multimedia, Web Design
Arts and Humanities
Aviation, Hotel and Hospitality
Banking and Finance
Computer/ Information Technology
Creative Arts and Design
Education and Teaching
Employment/ Professional Training
Health and Medicine
Legal and Paralegal
Specialised MBA
Media, Films, Mass Communication
Social Service
                                … and so on.

Also there is a dearth of information pertaining to various Levels of these courses as Associates/ Bachelors/ Certificate/ Diploma/ Foundation/ PhD and others. Not many are conscious or comfortable of several Medium of education like Correspondence/ Distance Learning/ Full Time/ Part Time/ Online etc.

Based on our experience and extensive and intensive research, it is a fair estimate that when provided with such a big juncture like EDUCATION INDIA, not only this hugely potential market of students but also those education institutes local/ regional or national and Kota and Rajasthan shall all be benefited at an exponential level.

Coaching institutes in Kota have utilized ACPL’s exclusive services to reach out to the aspiring students, who otherwise most of the time remain clueless of the available institutes in the city.

While Education-India is an extremely local medium, which will ensure high penetration of national players with economic viability; at the same time it is going to offer an excellent platform for local players, who wish to target local as well as national audiences.